Friday, September 14, 2007

Ok, so I just finished re-reading my own post, and I cannot tell you how distressed I am about the number of spelling errors. Its bad, I tell ya. Sr. Eileen would be very upset with me....she always told me to watch out for those "typewriter gremlins". So, please forgive me, and know that I am much smarter than that post would have you realize. Peace.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Again, I apologize for the delay in posting....but much has been happenning.
First things first....I finished the POMATOMUS socks!! Here they are in all their glory.....Like another blogger friend, they are not exactly the same size...but nothing that a little blocking can't fix.

They really are quite beautiful and will look great peeking out from under my jeans. I did the first sock entirely with two circs, but I did the second sock with my Lantern Moon sox stixs--something about not having all that dangling stuff...just felt better.

Went to New York City with my sisters. Here we are at Tavern on the Green having brunch. That place is gorgeous. We were all a little tired, after staying up VERY late the past two nights. (and I mean seriously late...try 4:30am)...yep.

Dinner at the Tribeca Grill on Saturday. I have to say that I think I order the best dinner...lamb chops..they were perfect. Didn't see Bobby DeNiro, but did sot Jon Stewart walking down the street earlier in the day....didn't get a pic though...we were trying to be cool man. Also, didn't go to any yarn shops while we were there...even though Erin and I both would have liked to. Other than where we had reservations, we pretty much "flew by the seat of our pants" the monkey socks...knit with Lorna's Laces
Rain Forest..a special dye lot that was created for Jimmy Beans Wools. Only 50 skeins were produced. I am using the Lantern Moon Ebony sox stix in a size two. I love this needles..even though they are outrageously expensive. Check out the Jimmy Beans Wool website. They are awesome and their customer service is incredible. They are doing gift bags for the celebs at the Emmys...oh to be a star.
We have another teenager in the house....yep, Delia turned 13! That makes three of them. They are all wonderful though...most of the time...We ate crabs, crabs, crabs. Mary and Craig must of sat there for hours as evidenced by the pile of detritus in front of them...which was probably the second pile as we had an intermission of sorts to clean up prior to the "second shift'. It was a beautiful day...

Which brings me to the Gryffindor hat. This is the "Oh My" yarn which is incredibly soft. I was in my LYS and happened to notice these two colors which quite frankly you don't see often. I quickly grabbed both skeins (one of red, the other of mustard) and knit this hat very quickly one day. She was so excited despite the fact that she says she really is more Ravenclaw than Gryffindor (sorry all you non-HP people out there...if this is boring you). She cannot wait to wear it...but the downside to that is there is about 100 midshipmen who now want a hat........better get started.

Ok, more to come. I hope all is well. To my knitting group...miss you all...Jane are in your house yet??