Friday, July 27, 2007

Has it really been a month since I posted. I am so sorry. I hate to say that I have been busy...but there you have it. I have been busy. I direct a summer camp for the performing arts in addition to work, etc. AND, to top it off, we are going to the beach! Here are three generations in my, my mom and my daughter, who just got back from a cruise with the NAVY to Sydney, Australia to Guam to Okinawa, Japan. She had some beautiful pictures and is slowly getting over her jet lag....because, like I said before, we are off to the beach...I love, love, love the beach. Its such a great vacation...reading, sunning...drinking...and let's not forget, KNITTING.
So, here is a bit of what I have been working on:

RED SOCKS!! For my boy!
A die-hard Boston Fan.

Dishcloths.....mindless, quick and oh so fun! The yarn is $1.49 a skein--seriously, and you can make about one and a half with one skein...hence the color variation in the blue...ran out of one variegated and so just started with em.
A v-neck sweater for my beautiful baby nephew....just have to finish it a wicked case of finishitis on this one.
Yep, I did buy MORE yarn...for baby booties and hats for the newest member of the extended family, due in December. You should feel this stuff--I touched it and went "oh my"--and laughed out loud when I saw the label! Better yet, it was on sale!
And my most exciting news: we have a NEW KNITTER! Here is my sister with her first completed project--a knitted bag to hold her knitting. She is an awesome knitter...check it out...
And also, a designer...since she pretty much followed a pattern and then completely changed for example, putting it horizontally instead of vertically....using i-cord for handles...I mean it took me years to attempt to DESIGN anything or go outside the pattern...but she has no fear and is addicted....seriously....her are more photos of the bag-
I helped her line it....and added some pockets as well.
Her stitching is great....very even....

So there you have it...not much....but some. I promise to upload more frequently and to post pictures of our vacation. In the meantime...I hope all of you are enjoying the weather, the warmth, friendships and of course, great yarn!