Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer 2008, and welcome to the new porch. We love it out here and as opposed to the back porch, we are able to visit with our neighbors much more than before! All of the wicker you see here comes to me second hand. Much of it quite literally from the side of the road...people throwing it out. I would stop the car, much to my kids chagrin and take it home. A coat of paint and some new cushions and viola...

And on the knitting front:

A dress for niece Shannon, from Debbie Bliss's book.

Some really new yarn...100% organic cotton...So good, I bought it in two colors. Well, can you really say "colors" if its natural???

Some kettle dyed Aracunia...gorgeous I tell ya. Oh, yeah, AND I'm knitting two socks at once on 1 circular needle...the yarn is Lang, I think, and the colorway is Beach. Perfect for this time of year.

The pattern is from this book....a great book if you ask me. It really shows you how to do this.One of my sisters' FO's. I had to repair a small hole for her. It is beautiful cotton. Just perfect for the summer.

So, a quick update on the family: We had PROM

Mothers of the 13 year kids (our school goes from Kindergarten through 12th) Luncheon Graduation....YES, our speaker was Tim Russert. This was just a few short weeks before his tragic passing. He gave a tremendous address and we all felt so sad upon hearing of his death...we all, the class of 2008 and families, felt we knew him. God Bless him.

Then it was onto 8th grade is the beautiful girl with her dad and I.
And then our oldest turned 20!! How did that happen.
Then we had a visit from our nephew, his wife and their kids. Here is the baby, Natalie Rose, outside on my back porch...a total fluke shot, but it turned out great.
Graduation parties!

All this, whew...I'm tired. Here's to you all...have a great summer. I will post again soon, I promise.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cool fair isle hat I made for my many hats is this? I think five for her. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino...what a great yarn.
The new front porch:

The front porch completely window. Old wicker..ready to sit and knit a spell?
Long time, no hear....busy busy busy. Some photos for you.