Friday, August 24, 2007

I cannot believe that is has been almost a month since I posted. I am very sorry to you all. I wish I could say that I have been busy...and probably I have been, but really its just the kids, the house, you name it. We went on vacation...a beautiful beach vacation and I had all my babies with me--finally! I think Mary has crossed over into official "adultdom" as she would rather sit on the beach reading, than playing in the water or going out to the boardwalk. In the meantime, my sons don't really like the beach and therefore played about hundred rounds of mini putt-putt. Delia was sort of in between---she just turned thirteen and is so much fun to be around (most of the time). So, until next June, I now have THREE teenagers! Yikes.

I have been helping my sister with her knitting. She is really into it....and the funny thing is, she never sticks to a pattern. She calls me and says "I like the pattern in this book, but can we change the collar" or "I like this purse, but I don't want to do the cable" or my personal favorite, "I love this pattern, and I bought this yarn for it...I know its not what they recommended, but can you make it work?" And then she hands me a DK weight yarn for a super bulky pattern. AHHHH. I admire her bravery--I would have never been altering patterns as a novice knitter. But she just plows on through. She had her last chemo yesterday--YEE HAW. And we are going to NYC in a couple of weeks to celebrate. It will be just the 6 sisters...and we are pretty excited about it.

I was also going to put in some pictures, but I am at a different computer and I forgot to bring my camera thingy (that's a technical term for the thing you use to attach the camera to the computer). Anyway I have some wonderful photos of the beach, and of some new projects. Not the least of which is Ravenclaw socks for my 19 yr old Harry Potter fan, as well as a Gryffindor hat made with that fabulous Oh MY yarn. I am almost done those freaking pomatomus socks and when I do, you will hear the shouts of joy echoing down the Chesapeake Bay.

So, photos soon.

Can anyone tell me what the heck "Ravalry" is?