Friday, March 30, 2007


St. Mary's Theater in Annapolis-opened last night, directed by yours truly and featuring some of the best singing, dancing and acting in the area! (have been spending many, many hours there, so pardon the delay in posting)

There were some technical glitches however that will need to be ironed out...but the students were awesome. They really commited to everything they were doing and it showed! I am trying to figure out how to post video--and when I do, I am going to put it here....tomorrow, pictures from the show.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ok, so it was this past Saturday...and yes, its been a couple of weeks since I posted. So sorry about that. Things around here are pretty busy. Dane's leg is healing but S L O W L Y....we spent one night in the Emergency Room, or as Dane likes to refer to it as "the seventh circle of hell" yep--it was bad. I mean BAD. We actually left prior to being seen by the doctor. According to all in the know, this is a big no no, but after 7.5 hours, I just couldn't make him stay anymore. He was in excruciating, to give credit where credit is due...our primary care doc was very concerned about the leg when we told him what happened. He called us while we were in the ER to tell us to come to his office instead (at 11pm on a Friday night). Unfortunately we did not hear the phone ring. He did get us on Saturday morning, and told us to meet him at his office--so we did and he spent a while with us trying to ascertain the nature of Dane's ailments. He was so thorough and detailed and let's face it, when was the last time a Doctor OPENED his office to accommodate a patient like this?! I mean, we LOVE this man...he is awesome. He diagnosed Dane with celluitis and immediately put him on antibiotics in addition to setting him up to run several other diagnostic tests. Yep--getting old sucks. Dane has spent the last two and half weeks resting the leg..a huge change for a man hell bent on NEVER being sick. So, hopefully we are on the road to recovery...Here is my mom: raising her glass to the family at our St. Patty's day celebration. We had a wonderful time with friends and family and were hanging out when this suddenly appeared:
A BAGPIPER! Apparently Mom had "ordered" this lovely musical interlude....what people forget about the bagpipes is that they are LOUD! Every child in the house (there were about 10) immediately starting screaming and crying...but it was great and a wonderful surprise. I have to admit I love them, despite the fact that most of the songs sound kinda the same. Still, it was a great party so thanks MOM!

Three Irish beauties: daughter Mary, niece Nora and daughter Delia.

On the knitting front: finished the NAVY hat for Mary's friend. Here is Mary modeling it for me. Notice the tough girl face...

which was quickly replaced by: look at that face! We had a wonderful visit with her during her spring break. We surely did not want to see her go...nor, I think, did she want to go herself. But only a few more weeks then Plebe year is officially over! I apologize once again for not posting in a few weeks. Am finishing up the Pomatomus socks, and various other projects. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RUPTURED BAKER'S CYST, INTARSIA IN THE ROUND AND A FINISHED PROJECT! OH MY! Here is my husband lying on the floor trying to get the swelling in his leg to go down. He ruptured a Baker's cyst and the whole leg is cannot believe the swelling or how tight the skin feels. In addition to this, he has a torn meniscus which is going to require surgery to repair. But they cannot do the surgery until after the swelling goes down. He's taking the pain medication religiously and is trying his best to get better...check out the Sam's Club frozen veggies he is using....sure glad I got those.
The finished cabled chemo hat... this is unbelievably soft and pretty. Just a great shade of blue and will match the recipient's eyes beautifully.
And, finally, intarsia in the round....I did not say GOOD intarsia in the round. I did massive amounts of research on the internet (what did we do without it) and found several methods for doing this. The easiest seems to be the slip stitch/backward knit option. I have to say that it needs concentration however and trying to do this while sitting at the Barnes and Noble talking with other knitters is probably not the best idea.
But it looks pretty good nonetheless. Its a hat for a classmate of my daughter's at USNA...yep, that will be a "N" in the middle---the wool is a beautiful wool that is pretty soft actually. On the other hats that I made similar to this one, I sewed a fleece lining inside. Not sure if I am going to have to do that with this one, since it is not all that itchy feeling.

I hope you all are well. My daughter has spring break next week--other than daylight savings being two weeks early, it sure doesn't feel like spring around here.