Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RUPTURED BAKER'S CYST, INTARSIA IN THE ROUND AND A FINISHED PROJECT! OH MY! Here is my husband lying on the floor trying to get the swelling in his leg to go down. He ruptured a Baker's cyst and the whole leg is filled....you cannot believe the swelling or how tight the skin feels. In addition to this, he has a torn meniscus which is going to require surgery to repair. But they cannot do the surgery until after the swelling goes down. He's taking the pain medication religiously and is trying his best to get better...check out the Sam's Club frozen veggies he is using....sure glad I got those.
The finished cabled chemo hat... this is unbelievably soft and pretty. Just a great shade of blue and will match the recipient's eyes beautifully.
And, finally, intarsia in the round....I did not say GOOD intarsia in the round. I did massive amounts of research on the internet (what did we do without it) and found several methods for doing this. The easiest seems to be the slip stitch/backward knit option. I have to say that it needs concentration however and trying to do this while sitting at the Barnes and Noble talking with other knitters is probably not the best idea.
But it looks pretty good nonetheless. Its a hat for a classmate of my daughter's at USNA...yep, that will be a "N" in the middle---the wool is a beautiful wool that is pretty soft actually. On the other hats that I made similar to this one, I sewed a fleece lining inside. Not sure if I am going to have to do that with this one, since it is not all that itchy feeling.

I hope you all are well. My daughter has spring break next week--other than daylight savings being two weeks early, it sure doesn't feel like spring around here.


Anonymous said...

Lay off the baking !

Anonymous said...

I have found that the religious taking of pain killers is enhanced by the religious consumption of beer.

to husband: enjoy the time off.

barbp said...

I've finally caught up with you!! The hats are great! Good luck to your husband on his pre and post surgery recovery.

Enjoy your cookware!!!