Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A trip to Florida after Christmas:
Well, what do you do on a log car ride?
January First...and I had a sunburn!
A little birdie told me that I haven't posted for a while...I know, wow, 7 months. That is like eternity in the blog world. I have been busy and got sucked into the wonderful world that is Ravelry!

10 updates:

1. started a knitting group with some neat ladies (all have kids that go to school together)
2. have actually finished several knitted items
3. "inherited" a ton of yarn stash and needles...incredible stuff
4. sent my second child off to college!
5. my third child started high school
6. have stopped opening my 401K statements
7. had a birthday...January 1st
8. am enjoying a snow/ice day right now
9. wondering why I can't just open my own yarn shop
10. always wishing I was knitting