Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009's a sampler of what I've been doing on my summer vacation.
First a summer sweater knit from Rowan's Lenpur Linen, from a pattern in the Summer 2009 Debbie Bliss magazine.

Then two dresses for beautiful baby Shannon...

Then some purses for my sister.
and my daughter..
and another sister..
and a football knit hat for a new baby in the neighborhood...

I have re-discovered my sewing machine and am enjoying using it to make all these wonderful things. It's instant gratification for the creative soul.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, we are off to Houston today...headed to M.D. Anderson with beautiful sister to see the amazing doctors there. Sissy (real name withheld, per her request)...will be talking to several doctors there regarding treatment options. Her cancer, like other Sissy has also metastasized. I know, unbelievable, huh. So, hug your loved ones dear bloggers. Tell them you love them everyday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FINISHED HAT! From the book "Hats On". The yarn is Cascade Venezia worsted which is a 70% merino wool and 30% silk. It is gorgeous to work with...incredibly soft with a touch of sheen. The color combination is a bit unusual...but she loves it. (She is my daughter).
This is the top of the hat. The decreases are a bit confusing, you know how in patterns where they write a decrease but in the graph it still only counts as one stitch...ok, I don't think I am explaining that correctly. I mean that when it says to decrease, the next graphed stitch is actually part of the decrease, so when the graph says...K, K, SSK, K, K..the way it read with the yarn was: K, K, SSK, K
Does that make sense? Anyway, I just followed my gut and I think it turned out beautifully.
I knitted her initials into it...pretty cool, huh? I wish I could take credit for the idea of the knitted initials, but alas, I cannot.
The best part about finishing a project is the satisfaction of a job well done, oh, and the EXCITEMENT about the next new project!

Monday, March 09, 2009

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK MAKES! How is it possible that one week ago, I was taking video of a snow storm from my front porch. And now here I am in shorts...check out those legs, huh...yikes. Probably need some sun there.
Nature's signs that spring is coming closer...
This is the tree in my neighbor's yard..I always called it a tulip magnolia, but I don't think that is the proper name. It is gorgeous when it is in bloom. A real show stopper.

My one attempt at gardening years ago, and they still come up. Iris is a hardy plant. At least these are. I wish I was more into gardening...I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the look, but I really don't enjoy being out there doing it. Can't I just sit and knit while you all do all the work?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow storm, Day 2: the trees are beautiful!
You want me to do what?! Shovel? But Mom its cold out here!
Aren't icicles the coolest?! All day long as I sit in my home office, I hear them creaking and the water dripping and I just wait for one to fall, and honestly it makes me sad when they do.

Don't let the beautiful sunshine fool you. Its 18 freaking degrees out today. Wanna sit a spell? I keep thinking we should get everyone outside for a picture for next year's Christmas card, because we usually never have snow before Christmas. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but the application might be difficult. Well, stay warm friends.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside....look what happened:

March 2, 2008...Can you believe it. I did not even know they were calling for snow like this, here in Maryland?! Makes me want to make a big pot of soup, make bread and start a new project! I know I shouldn't as I have stated that I want to finish all the unfinished business, but for some reason I want to start something new. So there...
Stay warm and cozy everyone.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am ready for this..
and some of this...
and some of this!
I know, its only February 25th, but still I am wishing that spring would arrive. We never really had any significant snowfall, so ok, time for warmer weather.

Ash Wednesday folks...a time for those Christians to re-evaluate things and use the next few weeks trying to better ourselves. Some of us give up certain things, like drinking or sweets. Other people feel that "giving up" something doesn't really help them spiritually and they are in the group that is pro-active; these folks DO something additional...maybe its an extra prayer every day, or going to Church more than once a week, or making a concerted effort to help a neighbor. Whichever method suits you, I wish you all a blessed Lent, filled with quiet, peace and new discoveries.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy almost St. Valentine's Day! I hope all is well with everyone. As usual, my week was chock full of, hum, let's see: 7th grade science fair, Navy Women's lacrosse (season opener tonight!), play rehearsal, work, grocery store, and of course most important, Knitting! I finished two different hats and in my excitement to get them to their owners, I neglected to take a picture...worthless, I am completely worthless.

Jayne..thanks for the comments. I LOVE AMY SINGER! I have several of her patterns. Can you send me the link to that yarn shop? Maybe I can get some of my "yarnies" to come up there!

Friday, February 06, 2009

So what happens when a quilter crosses over to become a knitter....ALOT OF UNFINISHED PROJECTS. These beautiful things get stuffed in trunks, in drawers, anywhere really, never to be heard from again, until one day you think...hummm, where is that applique quilt I started 10 years ago, and you go looking for it. And you find it, and you pull it out and you think "wow, this is really beautiful, why did I stop working on it?" You mull over the fact that quite possibly you have adult A.D.D. You admire the unfinished project, you take pictures of it to post on your blog...anxiously awaiting any cyber-validation you may receive..."oh you should finish" or "look at beautiful". And then what do you do? Well, you stuff it all back into the trunk, the drawers, etc. until the next time you decide to take a trip down unfinished business memory lane. Its all very Zen I tell you.
I remember the teacher (this was done in a Baltimore applique class) criticizing my choice of purple and green as a color combination...I loved it then, and I love it now. So there!

The next few are from an Anniversary quilt of the month I is all done by hand and I love the colors. I really should finish this one.

A kaleidescope quilt...all paper piecing. Each block has about 96-100 individual pieces in it...yeah, I know. I got this at a wonderful quilt shop in Hays, Kansas while on a cross country trip back in 1998!

Anyway, I got a great email from Kay of Mason Dixon knitting (love them!) and it prompted me to go on this little treasure hunt. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Some finished objects:
An angora and cashmere baby bonnet. Knit "old school" style...for my sister's neighbor. I didn't even know her, but took advantage of an opportunity to try my hand at this hat. It is just gorgeous. The pink accents are crochet chains formed into flower petals.
Another pic:
Our school insignia is the fleur de lis. I knit this on the Florida trip. I kinda made it up as I went along. The fleur de lis was knit separate in one piece then appliqued on. This was knit with Misti Aplaca.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A trip to Florida after Christmas:
Well, what do you do on a log car ride?
January First...and I had a sunburn!
A little birdie told me that I haven't posted for a while...I know, wow, 7 months. That is like eternity in the blog world. I have been busy and got sucked into the wonderful world that is Ravelry!

10 updates:

1. started a knitting group with some neat ladies (all have kids that go to school together)
2. have actually finished several knitted items
3. "inherited" a ton of yarn stash and needles...incredible stuff
4. sent my second child off to college!
5. my third child started high school
6. have stopped opening my 401K statements
7. had a birthday...January 1st
8. am enjoying a snow/ice day right now
9. wondering why I can't just open my own yarn shop
10. always wishing I was knitting