Friday, February 06, 2009

So what happens when a quilter crosses over to become a knitter....ALOT OF UNFINISHED PROJECTS. These beautiful things get stuffed in trunks, in drawers, anywhere really, never to be heard from again, until one day you think...hummm, where is that applique quilt I started 10 years ago, and you go looking for it. And you find it, and you pull it out and you think "wow, this is really beautiful, why did I stop working on it?" You mull over the fact that quite possibly you have adult A.D.D. You admire the unfinished project, you take pictures of it to post on your blog...anxiously awaiting any cyber-validation you may receive..."oh you should finish" or "look at beautiful". And then what do you do? Well, you stuff it all back into the trunk, the drawers, etc. until the next time you decide to take a trip down unfinished business memory lane. Its all very Zen I tell you.
I remember the teacher (this was done in a Baltimore applique class) criticizing my choice of purple and green as a color combination...I loved it then, and I love it now. So there!

The next few are from an Anniversary quilt of the month I is all done by hand and I love the colors. I really should finish this one.

A kaleidescope quilt...all paper piecing. Each block has about 96-100 individual pieces in it...yeah, I know. I got this at a wonderful quilt shop in Hays, Kansas while on a cross country trip back in 1998!

Anyway, I got a great email from Kay of Mason Dixon knitting (love them!) and it prompted me to go on this little treasure hunt. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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Jayne said...

Kathleen, I love your quilt pieces. You must finish them and proudly show them off...wall hangings perhaps? -- Jayne