Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am ready for this..
and some of this...
and some of this!
I know, its only February 25th, but still I am wishing that spring would arrive. We never really had any significant snowfall, so ok, time for warmer weather.

Ash Wednesday folks...a time for those Christians to re-evaluate things and use the next few weeks trying to better ourselves. Some of us give up certain things, like drinking or sweets. Other people feel that "giving up" something doesn't really help them spiritually and they are in the group that is pro-active; these folks DO something additional...maybe its an extra prayer every day, or going to Church more than once a week, or making a concerted effort to help a neighbor. Whichever method suits you, I wish you all a blessed Lent, filled with quiet, peace and new discoveries.

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