Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SO this is what 3 hours early dismissal from school looks like: The kids were actually shocked this morning when schools weren't closed at all. I know anyone brought up in areas where snow is common place are probably laughing right now. I mean, really, it's barely on the ground much less on the roads. And the main roads are fine! There is a concern that it might turn to freezing rain in which case, that is a whole different ball game. But the kids are happy. Here is what a 3 hour early dismissal looks like from the kids perspectives:

There's John proudly cheering with his crutches. He just took his younger brother and sister to lunch at McDonalds! Lunch at 11am you say....what the heck...it gave him something to do!
There's Mickey and no, he's not in pain...that is actually his "look at me, off from school watching King Kong in High Def" happy face! Oh, I should also point out, that they have NO homework either. So, its not like I can send them off to their rooms for awhile until homework is finished. Nope, I'm pretty much the cruise director now. Of course, having a new big flat screen tv with loads of HD channels helps to ease the pain!
On to the knitting front--here is a simple ribbed baby hat for my nephew Stephen...it is made out of Debbie Bliss's cashmerino. This stuff is a dream to work with, I tell ya. I would love to make an entire sweater out of this.....the Pomatomus Sock is almost finished..although I have to say that I am dreading the second sock with this one. The pattern is hard and I think I need something mindless. So I either have to look for a fun-loving amputee, or suck it up and knit the other one. Stay warm friends...and watch that snow for heaven's sake!

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