Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SEA TRIALS 2007 A 13 hour day that tests the midshipman's strength and endurance....emphasizing team work and fortitude. There is my beautiful daughter rolling around in the muddy water...this was the "damage control" portion of the day. Each company went to approximately 12 "stations" which each lasted about an hour. Their day started at 0330 am and ended at around 1800pm (that's 6pm for all you non-military folk out me I still don't get it and find myself always adding...huumm 12 + 6 equals 18..oh ok.)
The pipes had water being pumped through them, which the mids had to patch quickly. She was pretty tired at this there did not seem to be much urgency in her body language.
Here she is transitioning to another station. Check out that smile. I guess it could not have been all that bad, if she still had the energy to muster up a beautiful smile. I truly admire her fortitude. This was an incredibly hard day...and needless to say, I probably would not have gotten through 5 minutes of it.

The start of the infamous Tug of war!

It started with a few (probably 50) situps and then quick....they had to stand...and start.....

PULLING......pull, pull, pull.....I am happy to say that her side won both times...I am sure because of her excellent upper body strength and nothing to do with the triathlete at the "anchor" end.
The Log PT....first you pick it up,
Then you drop down and do a few crunches..

then some sit-ups,
then you pick it up,

Then you lift it high into the air....all the time trying to smile as your classmate snaps your photo for your eager mom sitting on the hill!Then its off to another station........

until, finally, completely exhausted, yet extremely proud of what you've accomplished, you drag yourself, (with your little sister in tow) over to the stands to enjoy a much deserved cheeseburger, fried chicken, chips and several ice cream bars. What a day.

You even have enough energy to muster for one more photo with a very proud mom, dad and sister.
Oh, and knitting........why yes, I did that all throughout the day as I waited for her to arrive at all the different stations. I got many comments such as..."what a good idea" or "aren't you smart bringing that" and "ohhh, will you teach me?" All in all, a wonderful, wonderful day!

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barbp said...

What a wonderful account of your daughter's day. Give her a congratulations and job well done for me.

My digital watch displays in military time. It's a hard habit for me to break after so many years as a cop.