Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What did I want for Christmas??  A NEW BATHROOM!  Before:
After:  the room was completely gutted. We left all the plumbing the same...tried to save some money that way.  I designed it myself..colors, tiles, etc.  I am rather pleased with the results.
Before:  (I must tell you that it is embarrassing looking at these photos and realizing how long we lived with the bathroom looking like this....yuck!)
After:  do you think that in 30 years someone will look at this and go: "what were they thinking?!"
Christmas was wonderful.  I got an Iphone!!  Thank goodness my daughter is home from college so that she can show me how to use it.  I also have a new mac book which is very user friendly and much better and quicker than my old laptop.  I hope you all are wonderful and are enjoying these slower paced post-Christmas days!

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