Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year. I have much to update and will get to that in the coming days. Here are a few pictures of what's been going on. Check out the pipes! This is a small sampling of the pipes at the United States Naval Academy's Chapel pipe organ. A friend of mine was in town and was able to play this gorgeous shoulda heard it.
I have also been knitting! I think I've made this hat 5 or six times..For my god daughter...

For my daughter. A late Christmas present, but it was done before the vacation was over, so that's ok, right.
Here's what 2010 will bring:
Mary's graduation from the USNA
Dane's 50th birthday
Our 24th Wedding anniversary
Delia's sweet 16
Mickey's 14th
John's 21st

Here's what I hope and pray 2010 brings:
A swift cure for breast cancer
An end to the suffering of those close to me
Peace in those areas of the world where it is most needed
To push myself to be a better person.

Oh, and one last thing, today would have been my sister Bridget's 44th birthday. It is still very strange for me to think about that and to comprehend that she has been gone for 7 years. I know that today is going to be hard for my parents; it always is. I think that for parents, the mourning is never over; its like in the play "Rabbit Hole" when the mom describes what its like to lose a child; "its like having a rock in your the days go by, you sometimes forget its there, but then you put your hand in and say..yep, there it is, and after some time, you don't want it to leave; it becomes a part of you, like an arm or a leg".

Now, about the ravelympics?!

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