Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mary and Dane...drunk at the Double T. Yep, I took this picture to mark this momenteous occasion. We had been to a birthday party earlier in the night, and were invited to celebrate with a friend of Mary's who was turning 21. We closed Pussers! I mean, really, when was the last time I was at a bar until 2 am?! I was the designated driver and was driving home when these two clowns informed me that we were going to the Double T Diner. Now, let me tell you, this diner is a pretty interesting place at 2 am. Mary was hysterical making fun of this group of girls who were asking such questions as "hummm, can I get a half of a banana". Good times.

I made this today. A lunch bag. Its sewn from heavy duty cotton canvas. I cut out two rectangles 10inches x 13 inches and then ironed on the embroidery transfers. I used Jenny Hart's of Sublime Stitching fame, design. The person who I made this for is a sweets fanatic. You can see the close up of the cake and the silverware. I used whatever floss I had; the idea was to create a project that made use of what I already had laying around. I am thinking this would be good to teach to the kids; they can get very creative with the embroidery, etc. And, its re-usable!
I sure hope the person I made it for will like it. I am thinking of making one with the Saints insignia. Cool, yes or no?

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Anna said...

So cute! Love the lunch bag.