Monday, November 13, 2006

COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG! Here is some of the 7th grade class. I was one of the lucky chaperones on this field trip. We lucked out totally on the weather. It was amazing. During the day it was in the low 70's then in the 50's at night. We did a tour of Colonial Williamsburg that was just great--of course, I stopped to talk to another chaperone and lost my group--I mean LOST--I could not find them anywhere--of course they had kept up with our tour guide and stupid me was wandering around looking for everyone else. Of course it was then that I totally "bit" it on the ye olde sidewalke. I didn't even see the step and down I went. And let me tell you, it wasn't a lady like "oops" it was a wipe-out. My ye celle phone went skittering into the street where it came dangerously close to being stepped on by ye olde horse! I must have looked pretty silly--but the oddest thing was, NO ONE helped me up. I mean, there were like a ton of people standing around and NO ONE helped. I thought that was odd...but perhaps they were just laughing so hard at my clumsiness.
On the second day, we visited Yorktown and then it was on to Jamestown. Here is the lady of the house in Yorktown getting her day started in the kitchen.
The room smelled wonderful! Wood fire, stew in the pot--it was good. All around she had pieces of meat hanging. Of course, we all wanted to know if it was REAL? Let me just tell you, EVERYTHING at Yorktown is REAL--they live for this stuff. Every year on Thanksgiving, they butcher a hog and then cure the meat as they would have done then. See those pots covered with ash? Those are "dutch ovens" and in them are biscuits and pies--they even have their own hens for the eggs. These people worked hard to make it here in the New World.
And then it was on to historic Jamestown. Now, they are gearing up for the 400th Anniversary and as such, they just opened a new Visitor's Gallery that would rival anything I've seen at the Smithsonian. These folks in Jamestown take their history VERY seriously. Trust me, don't bring up the Disney version of "Pocahontas" unless you want a lecture on the historical inaccuracies in that movie. And to be honest, they have a point. The real story of Pocahontas is much more interesting...I won't tell it here--but do check out several websites that will tell the story. I give credit to the good folks down there in Virginia for protecting and honoring our history with such attention to detail.
And finally...
this is what happens to those chaperones who get lost..........that's my daughter Delia with the thumbs up. I think she finally has me where she wants me.
Oh, there is a knit shop in Williamsburg. Its called Knitting Sisters
I really wanted to go, but they told me that all three coach busses would not stop so that I could do a little shopping. What is this world coming to.
Oh, and the Pomatomas socks, yeah, well, let's just say my twisted seed stich heel was completely and totally wrong. And so I frogged and picked up then put down, cause I am frustrated! More on the that later.

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barbp said...

As the accident prone person I am I feel heaps for you when no one came to your aide.

I got hit by a car crossing the street a couple years ago - I had only enough wits to call 911 on my cell and say I'd been hit by a car but couldn't tell them where I was. I remember whoever I spoke with chided me for not being able to tell him where I was. Funny how a knock on the head will do that. It takes all kinds, eh?

Onward - what beautiful weather and a great group of kids. Aside from your misstep and not being able to shop (the nerve of not letting you shop LOL) it looks like you had quite the wonderful time.

Sorry about the frustration with the P socks.