Thursday, November 02, 2006

Look at that face!! This is my neighbor's youngest, little Sydney. She was really more interested in the candy bowl than in my taking her picture. Smart girl!
Another set of neighbors. These kids were older but they had awesome costumes. I say if you take the trouble to get dressed up, then by golly, you deserve candy!
And, of course, you have the family know them...the cool couple who gets to do all these really cool things (cause they don't have kids) and then they tell you about all the cool stuff they get to do and you don' know who I mean. We all have friends like this...but they are great and funny and generous and fun to be around. So here they are about to go to a few downtown establishments in the hopes of winning a costume prize. The crab costume was a custom job that she picked up at a yard sale. I guess the woman paid something like $1800.oo for it and sold it to my friend for $50. Let me tell you, just wearing this thing is a work-out. It comes with a neck harness--a NECK HARNESS I tell you--that helps keep the weight of the crab costume off your head and neck. It is HEAVY--and HOT. Brian is dressed guessed..."crab shampoo" had some funny stuff written on it. Not sure if they won anything yet.
Oh, and Barb, Mickey redeemed himself and went trick or treating as "Jake Plummer". All is right with the world!

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barbp said...

Oh Kathleen, all your friends look so happy. Friends are so important, eh? That's a hoot about your son dressing up as Jake Plummer!