Monday, October 30, 2006

HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN! So, my question is: do I HAVE to carve the pumpkin? I mean it looks just perfect like that doesn't it. The neighborhood kids will know I have candy from the porch light and "presence" of a pumpkin. Is carving totally necessary?? This is what I have to worry about. I have an extremely hectic day tomorrow and I really don't have time to carve, so I am hoping a lovely "seasonal display" out on the front porch will suffice.

Ok, so I am busy on the Pomatomus sock from I have wanted to knit this puppy since I first saw it. It is pretty tough, but the pattern does have a certain rhythm to it and once you know how to "read" your knitting, its easy to pick up and put down. Now, the tough part is that I am knitting it with two circulars not DPN's and as such have to tweek the pattern directions a bit. So, tell me, how do I make this...............
translate into Cat Bordhi's "method". Here she explains it. But after re-reading it about a hundred times, I have decided that I am definitely a VISUAL learner. Please, oh PLEASE won't someone just come over and SHOW ME! I promise that once you show it to me, its mine...I will never need to ask you again. But I really want to turn that heel, and make that gusset and well, I can't cause I can't translate!
Here is the sock so far. This is Fortissma Socka that I got in Germany last year. Between the self striping and the pattern, it is coming along beautifully. I love it and I especially love the funky colors. Won't that be cool, peeking out under my jeans....a little lime green, a little navy blue.
People keep asking me who I am knitting for. When I tell them me...alot of them just "huh, just for you?" I go on to explain that in VERY RARE occasions will I knit for others. It is so time consuming and it expensive and I have (as I know alot of you have) been burned one too many times with the "oh, you made this....oh, uh, great....thanks". So for those of you who admire the knitting, I say grab some needles and let me show you how!
This blog post is temporarily interrupted by precious 10 year old who had to come home from school early today. Headache, nausea, and general malaise. He rested, we did he is laying on the couch, very upset because he missed his friend's birthday party this afternoon...he kept telling me that he was FINE to go to the party. Yeah, right, like I would fall for that again. No way, baby. Of course, I did feel badly for him. The ibuprofen kicked in and he DID feel better...but he couldn't have gone, could he? Am I a terrible mother? Or a really good one? Oh well...Have a great Halloween all you trick or treaters and an even better All Saints Day!

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barbp said...

Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I've been buy. See, you're ten year old got sick because he dissed the Broncos, only kidding.

Your lace pattern for the Pomatomous sock looks great. I'm still doing socks on dpn's. If you had come up here for the Navy/Penn State Ice Hockey game we could have worked on them together.

Great to see your daughter in her Navy uniform and congratulations to her and her friends for doing so well.

Your basket weave scarf is beautiful, I wore one this weekend that I made a couple years back with Noro and some Mohair. I'm really enjoying using wonderful yarn and stitch patterns for scarfs rather than the fun fur variety anymore. We change with time don't we.