Monday, October 16, 2006

Homecoming, knitting, god-daughter visiting...oh my! What a beautiful weekend here in Annapolis, Maryland! The sky was a beautiful clear (and for those of you who are North Carolina fans) "tarheel" blue! The temperature was in the sixties--I finally got to wear my vintage velvet scarf! Saturday was the Naval Academy homecoming football game. Sadly, Navy did not win and their star QB injured himself--many prayers to him and his family. We had a great visit with our Plebe and enjoyed the festivities from the Superintendent's tent inside the stadium where we ate oysters, ham, turkey and burgers! I did do some knitting--check out this yarn. I got this from Gundel (see previous post about knitting group) and am just knitting up a quick basketweave patterned scarf. Isn't the yarn cool though--kinda gray, kinda blue, kinda thick, kinda thin....I love it.
I don't have much so far---the needles are "rescue needles" I found at my favorite local thrift store. Yes, they were in the middle of a project and yes, I bought the project with the needles for all of $1. I finished the project (I think it was a scarf) and gave it to my daughter..who did not really like it, but smiled anyway and thanked me graciously. She is so sweet! Anyway, I really like the wood, but they are WAAAYYYY too long. Does anyone out there need a set of long wooden needles. I would love to give them to a good home...someone who would use them. Let me know.

It was also my son's high school Homecoming on Saturday. Here he is (looking a bit surprised actually) with his big sis who was home temporarily before heading back to the Academy. Notice the bits of brownie on her lips and hands--she came home and made brownies and then promptly ate them all. Ok, I confess, she had help with the eating part.

Here are some of Mary's friends who are still in high school--they came over to visit Mary and to let me see them all dressed up. There's Kelsey, Liz, Mary and Caitlin...don't they look beautiful. What you don't see is that Mary has on shorts...she did not want to put on her entire uniform and requested very politely that I take the picture from the waist up. Which also explains capturing all that stuff on top of the armiore...think I should put the Easter baskets away?

Here is John walking out for the night....He looked so handsome! I remember Homecoming like it was yesterday. Where did all the time go.
Almost done sock no. 2..will post pictures of that soon. Take care.

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Anonymous said...

John, Jethro Bodine called, and he wants his jacket back.