Saturday, October 07, 2006


You what this meant---yep, that's right--no games! My daughter's field hockey game was older son did not have to work (he works at a golf course) and all that yard work we were going to do was just going to have to wait. So what did we do...well, we visited...we went out for lunch...we had dinner at my sister's house....all in all a wonderful day. Sometimes those rainy days really hit the spot don't they! Here is a picture of my "naturally" landscaped backyard. Note the total LACK of any landscaping at all--I am sadly NOT a Gardener. That gray lump down by the fence is an old soccer goal that my son uses to hit golf balls into. Yeah, it pretty much sits out there all by itself and looks like a gray mass--yuck.

Here is my new niece---Shannon Elizabeth. Isn't she beautiful! The sweater I am making for her is coming along great. I will post pictures soon.


g-girl said...

congrats on the new niece. :) I have a new niece myself bor a few days after yours! I haven't started on any thing big for her yet though..still looking for the perfect thing. :)

barbp said...

Congratulations. Perfectly Precious!!