Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yesterday was my son's 17th birthday. How did he get so old? How did I get so old!? We had a wonderful meal: asagio and pear encrusted pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh rolls, and of course, applesauce (you know you can't have pork without applesauce ala Brady Bunch: "pork chops and applesauce") My mom and dad were there, as were Craig (my second husband--I am so high maintenance, I need two), as well as some of John's friends. The two younger kids, Delia and Mickey were there as well. We missed Mary, but she did call from USNA where she was studying for a large calculus test....it was a typical John birthday with lots of food and all gifts having something to do with golf. He just loves golf---morning, noon and night. So Happy Birthday my beautiful boy!

Funny story---I NEVER have birthday candles--really, I am birthday candle impaired! What I did have was a number 8 candle and 9 stray individual candles--hey it works right.........I can hear the laughter now.

The first completed baby sock. This is from Ann Budd's design in Interweave Knits, Spring 2005. It was a bit confusing especially the turning of the heel, and the short rows. But I followed the directions, except for the cable: I was supposed to start with a cable front but instead misread the chart and did a cable back, so I just reversed the two--no worries. It is knit with Stork yarn--very easy. The needles are size 0--like toothpicks. The pen is there to give you an idea of actual size. Its' SMALL!

Here is a close up of the cable pattern. It is so amazing to me that I could actually knit something like this. Do you ever feel that way---really and truly amazed that we can actually do this stuff--I guess for me that is the wonder of it all.

I picked up this lap quilt on Sunday at the Ocktoberfest in West Annapolis. It was being auctioned off by the Conflict Resolution Center(an amazing organization!) www.aacrc-md.us/

I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder for this beautiful applique quilt. Here it is at home on my chaise in front of my living room window. Of course, my dog will love it as this is the usual spot he is in while keeping our house free from any and all intruders, including: the mail man, ANYONE jogging, the lady walking her baby, and the man mowing his lawn across the street. Our dog's name is Vincent and he is a ASPCA rescue dog--we got him as a puppy and he is my buddy. Here he is doing what he does best:

He was having a dream just as I took this picture--his paws were going crazy. What exactly do dogs dream about? Knowing Vinnie, probably about food, chasing squirrels or rabbits and most importantly, FOOD.

I have a new niece!!! Shannon Elizabeth Harvey was born September 27th!! She is beautiful! She is welcomed home by her loving parents: Nathen and Sharon Harvey and her very proud older brothers, Paul and Jamie. I am making her this adorable pullover from Weekend Knitting. I am using Berroco's Cotton Twist--hopefully I will knit it up quickly--as I have another sister due in January--this will be number 19 (of the grandchildren!). Off, to knit up a swatch. Enjoy the unseasonably warm days that are predicted for those of us in Maryland.

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barbp said...

Happy belated birthday John. Does he golf. Husband and I love to golf, even though I'm horrible.

Vinnie is a handsome dog. I know most knitting blogs have cats, but I'm partial to dogs.

Love the baby sock, it's so tiny and very nice job on the cable.

I've used the cotton twist love the sheen. The yarn splits a little though while knitting. Oh, and I had to be pretty careful with snagging. I can't wait to see your progress. Welcome to your newest family member!!!