Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Here it is, the dreaded SSS (that's second sock syndrome for all you newbies out there). Yes, that is when you get so excited about finishing a project, only to realize you have to do it all over again, cause you can't just knit one sock! Well, I guess you could, but that kinda defeats the purpose. Interestingly enough, socks were my very first knitting project. I know, I never did believe in starting easy...." about I try doing this sock thing and using 5 tiny double pointed needles....yeah, that's the ticket...." Needless to say when I finished that first sock, I was so happy and proud. I showed EVERYBODY. I was a bit taken aback when most people, although happy for me, looked a bit if they were saying "why is she so excited about ONE sock? Doesn't she have to knit another?" What they didn't understand was the total satisfaction I felt at having completed anything! I took their consternation in stride, and immediately began work on the second sock. It took longer, ironically, than the first and not because I was new to the process...but because now I felt that I had knit the hardest thing I could and the whole knitting world was now open to me. Nothing scared me...intarsia, please!, fair isle...sure, bring it on....set in sleeves...size 000 needles...I laugh at you! So other things took my interest, and the second sock languished in ignominy until a year later...I saw it peaking out from my basket. I quickly grabbed it and finished it. Of course my elation at actually finishing the sockS was not shared by all. Most everyone had already forgotten about the first sock, so their responses were much like before: "what can you do with only one sock?" When I explained that it was the pair to that one, they were speechless and in their heads I knew they were thinking: "she should find another hobby--clearly this one isn't working out"
And so I have you my knitting all all share in all the ups and downs, the forgotten and the not so forgotten, the finished and of course the unfinished.

So onto the next project! What should it be. I got this beautiful yarn at a shop in the Outer Banks. I also bought a 40 inch circular needle and this pattern for knitting two socks at a time on the circ. needle. Of course I have just finished socks....what are your thoughts?

A close up of the yarn. Its Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino. It feels fantastic---and the colors are gorgeous!

There is also this: the ribbed pullover with black alpaca (double it). I got this yarn a while ago--deliciously soft and I hear pretty easy to work with.

And last, this knitting pure and simple pattern for a top down henly t-shirt. Knit with Blue Sky Alpaca's organic cotton. I got this with the intention of making it this summer--but it is something that can be worn under jacket as well. The yarn is the Sand color--a nice neutral.

Here is a close up of the pattern. So let me know what your selections are--I guess I should be glad that I have these choices......I hope everyone goes out and enjoys this beautiful day!


barbp said...

Very nice sock. Every time I finish the second sock I feel such an accomplishment. These non-knitters, tsk tsk tsk. LOL The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is beautiful. I can't help on the cable method, so far I've only done dpns. If I made the ribbed cardi and it gave me a shape like the model I'd make that. Alas I don't have a magic wand and I'm a more casual girl so I love the Henley. (Really like both though)

Amy said...

I love your sock.I share in your excitement.......I was tempted to hang mine fron the rear view mirror, but hubby said he would'nt get in the car with me if I did,lol! He thinks I am too excited.....MEN!