Tuesday, September 05, 2006

FINISHED KIMONO! Here it is. I have not sewn up the sides yet. I am thinking of weaving a ribbon through the eyelet area on the front--what do think? I also need labels for my handknits. I have not found one I like yet. I want something new and original; I am thinking of just creating my own with some cotton and a single strand of thread or floss--and some creative embroidery. Hummmm...sounds interesting.

Here is my next project to go along with the Kimono--its from this book which is absolutely gorgeous. It has the cutest and easiest patterns. I can really see making most if not all of these
adorable baby/kids hats. I am using a beautiful cotton yarn in solid pink with white accents. Like I said before I really hope that this baby turns out to be a girl!

Here is the pattern that I am using:
Isn't it great! I highly recommend this book to any new, intermediate or experienced knitter!


Anonymous said...

What kind of needle are you using? The book is great!

Anonymous said...

What about the booties?

Anonymous said...

Hmm..if you had to choose one stitch to do forever til the end of eternity would it be the knit or the pearl?