Monday, September 25, 2006

Here is my wonderful S & B group! The birthday girl is the one in the middle. She was very surprised. It was pretty funny actually, as the three of us ladies had arrived early and were waiting for Patricia....and then I noticed that she was sitting outside by herself. We were not sure if she was coming in or not--so we all walked out and surprised her. It was great. The food was amazing. I really wanted to lick my plate, but propriety kept me from doing that. Here she is right before she opened the gift:

I think I caught her off guard--but here she is! She is just wonderful and has become such a dear friend. I feel like I can tell her ANYTHING! Here she is with the scarf (of course the weather has been warm here so she really doesn't need it yet)
It looked great on her. I was so happy that I chose that particular color. I have to admit, that finishing this scarf in time for the luncheon was a "personal best" for me. I don't think I have ever started and finished something in such a truncated period of time. The four of us are determined to start meeting again--summer is hard with kids and then three of us sent a child off to college this fall--and the fourth just sent a child off to France! For all of you moms out there with young'uns, savor these moments even when it seems hard. Because one day they will be gone and the ache you feel for them will be real.

So, off to finish the second sock (see previous post) and to enjoy a couple days off, then the final weekend of my show. Happy Birthday again, Patricia!


Anonymous said...

Look at you ladies...what a lovely group!

Glad to see the gorgeous scarf was well received!

Barbara said...

You all looked like you had a fantastic time and the scarf is fantastic