Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meet my beautiful great nephew, Adrian James--we call him AJ! I get the privilege of babysitting him on Wednesdays. The first thing he does when he gets here (besides running up a giving me a HUGE hug) is getting his trains out. He absolutely LOVES these things. We usually build a huge track and then he plays for hours, making up funny sounds and having a ball.

Here he is in close-up. I am getting a sneak peek at what its like to have a grand-child because we only get him one day a week and we shower him with so much love and affection--and then we get to send him home to mom and dad again. Its great, I tell ya.

Here is my new project. Its from the book "Scarf Style" which is a great book. Lots of interesting patterns and inspiration. I am using Meunch's Touch Me yarn, which is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely expensive. I ordered the amount needed from and I got my package in two days!! Also, shipping is free on orders over $75 and, interestingly enough, that's exactly how much 5 skeins of this stuff costs. It is truly worth it though--hey remember, no one said knitting was cheap!

Here is the yarn close up:

The color is Light Mauve and it is going to look beautiful. It is for a very special friend of mine. (I hope she is not reading this). When you are done knitting, you put it in the wash (I know, I know) and it felts and looks like velvt. I have made this scarf before so I am not as nervous about it as I once was. Here is a picture of a finished scarf--I am thinking that this one will come out looking almost this same color:

The cable in the middle is stitched so that it is the same front and back. On either side of the cable panel is a modified rib stitch. It is a 22 row repeat, but very easy to learn. Still, I never like to put it done in the middle of a repeat--or I just leave a post it note with the row I am on--the old brain is going!


barbp said...

Saw your comment on Wendy' blog and thought I'd surf over.

That little hat and kimono are really cute. Looking forward to your scarf.

Happy Knitting

Barbara said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my socks. The pattern is the Pomatomus Sock pattern on

Take care