Monday, September 11, 2006

So I finished the kimono and hat in time for the baby shower yesterday. The weather was beautiful, the food was incredible and the mother-to-be radiant (she thought she looked fat, but in truth she looked wonderful!) I ended up striking up a conversation about knitting with a couple of really neat gals. One actually brought her knitting....I love that! She was using her grandmother's needles and showed me how her grandmother used to knit holding the long needles under her arms and primarily using her wrists--I am so used to using circulars, that those long needles frighten me--I can't imagine when that was all there were. Anyway, here is a picture of the completed kimono. Notice that I crocheted a picot edge to the bottom. I just needs a little something extra. So Sunday morning, a hour before the shower, I am furiously crocheting the edge. Keep in mind I am a closet crocheter--its not my thing and I don't do it alot, but I love the edging and crocheting it goes sooooo much faster than knitting it on. A close up on the picot edging:

This picture is not too clear--I realize, but it shows a little bit of the picot edge. It really added another dimension to the whole piece.

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