Friday, September 01, 2006

BABY BOOTIES! Here is the pattern, yarn and needles. These needles are SMALL! They are almost like toothpicks. The wonderful owner of my LYS was quick to point out that there were no refunds on broken needles. Although they are tough (bamboo) she said they sometimes break. Which pretty much is the kiss of death for me. I like wooden needles for this kind of work because it provides a little "catch" with the yarn--you know what I mean. The pattern is from Summer 2005 Interweave Knits. It looks a little daunting; short row heels etc. I feel my sock knitting learning curve is being stretched to its limits (did I just mix my metaphor?) I learned how to knit a sock on two circulars, then I learned how to do it on one long circular, and now, I am back to 5 needles but all these new techniques. AHHHH STOP! I love this yarn though. Crisp, clean white cotton. It is soft and delicate and feels great with every stitch I make. Its the perfect knitting trifecta: a great yarn, great needles and a wonderful pattern.

The remains of Hurricane Ernesto are making their way up to Maryland today. We are finally getting some rain. But as is typical we will completely deluged today and tomorrow and then we will go weeks again without it. I shouldn't complain really, at least it made the temperature drop. So, stay dry people.

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Great yarn! Keep us posted on the developments.