Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ok--so what I'm doing is this:

Nursing two sick kids who should be at their first day of school. Well, actually the younger one did go yesterday and then promptly threw up everywhere, whereupon the school called me to come and fetch the little guy. He pretty much slept all day long. I dosed him with ginger ale, saltines (gee, I hope he isn't pregnant) and he watched Spongebob non stop for about 5 hours(is that good for you?)

Meanwhile, his older brother developed the same sickness overnight....and is pretty much laid up as well. Today was his first day of school--not a good omen.

What I should be doing is:

Yep--Sitting on my back porch and knitting. Or reading about knitting. Or reading about knitting in a magazine or, well you know. I just got a new knitting book and I have not been able to put it down. Have you all read this one? It is absolutely beautiful! Its called "Inspired Cable Knits" Oh Fiona Ellis--where have you been all my life. This book is part patterns, part photography and part philosophy. The patterns are gorgeous. I don't know if I will ever try one though, as they seem the type that you really have to concentrate on. Although throughout the book, she keeps saying encouraging things and it almost makes you feel like your best friend is sitting right there with you. I am also very busy rehearsing a show. As I said before, I perform locally in regional theater. I open in a show this Friday. "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn. Check out the website: www.cplayers.com

Leave comments-would love to hear from you. Gotta go...there's some chicken soup that needs makin'!

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