Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here is a great picture of those Mason Dixon gals! (and me of course) Thank you Kay for your comment on the blog. I feel so special. First Stephanie, and now you. If I could just get Ann to post then it would be like winning the Trifecta! This photo was taken at Stitch DC, up on Capitol Hill in DC. What a great shop. They had all this great food--remember the mini burgers? Their yarn choice was excellent; Kay and Ann were wonderful. I am not sure but I think that was sort of in the middle of the whirl wind tour--you guys must have been exhausted! But you sure didn't seem it. It was such a wonderful evening. I live about 45 minutes away and had to make many special arrangements to get there--kids pick up, etc. And I brought along a non-knitting friend. She loved you guys too and thought about taking up knitting herself...albeit only briefly. Once we were out of your creative orbit; she snapped back to her senses!

Today my 16 yr. old has Junior class orientation. The two elementary kids are still home, enjoying their last day of freedom. I am in my home office blogging and working on a sock I picked up from my WIP basket. This is yarn I got in Germany (read first blog about having to act out knitting in order to buy yarn in Germany!) I am using Cat Bordhi's book "Socks soar on Circular needles". Its a great book and I feel like she is sitting right next to me helping me along.

I have just finished the gussest (I think) and am going to keep going down the foot. Cat's advice about using longer circular needles is a good one. I wish I had bought longer ones, as these tend to get all wonky and in the way with each other. But unfortunately my LYS only had this size in this length only and you know we knitters are an inpatient lot and I Just Wantd To Get Started. The really cool part about the circulars is that you can comfortably try the sock on for exact measurement. Its great. Got to get going--have a wonderful day.

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