Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here is the baby kimono with the left side almost finished. Its a bit tricky because the increases and decreases seem odd--but just keep following the directions and it will all make itself clear.

I guess that is good advice for alot of things--if we just trusted the directions, everything would make itself clear...huummm...something to think about.

I want to thank the wonderful person who commented on my blog. As an official newbie any and all comments are very much appreciated. I even got an email from the Goddess herself, yes, really...drum roll please...The Yarn Harlot. I feel as if the great knitting Goddess has stepped off her throne and personally touched me with her magic knitting needle. SHE took the time to email me?? Wow, how cool is that! I mean, her blog is incredible. Its funny, informative, creative and inspiring. Thank you Stephanie for your words of encouragement. Oh, and by the way, I switched my setting so anyone can leave a comment (thanks for that too!)

Here is my daugher's room--see previous posts. I have a daugher that is a plebe at the United States Naval Academy (GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY)--anyway, after a long mourning period ( and for those of you about to take your first to college, my thoughts are with you, because it is one of the hardest things to do!), I set out to clean out her room and make it more MY room. I left the bed of course, I assume she will come home at some point but everything else was packed up, given away or otherwise found a new home. Now, I have a great "office" and my WIP's (of which you see here) have a new home as well. Now, this is just some of my yarn....I can't bring all of it in here--because #1. it all wouldn't fit and #2. if my husband and kids actually saw how much I have, they would have me committed.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments. I look forward to many more....Have a wonderful, peaceful and joyful day!

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Kay said...

Welcome to Bloggy City Kathleen!!!!!

Glad your faith in instructions was rewarded, and love the color! xox Kay