Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ok--so today is my sister's wedding. Eight girls in my family(yep, you heard right) and she is the last one to officially tie the knot. Its like the end of an era. The rehearsal dinner last night was fun--it was a giant crab feast at a restaurant on the water near Baltimore. The service was great, the weather warm but pleasant and the bride and groom looked to be very happy. My sister and fiance have been together a while so both families were happy that they are making it official.

Remember I told you that I had a daughter at the Naval Academy. Well here she is with my other daughter on Parents Weekend last week. See, what they say about a man in uniform, works for a woman too! She is excited to get out today for the wedding--had to get a special chit. Not much new on the knitting front--I guess I can't bring my knitting to the wedding, huh. There really is not any other place I'd rather be, but sitting on my back porch, having my coffee and knitting. Now, throw in a book on tape/cd and I am in heaven!

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Dez Crawford said...

Saw on Harlot's comments that you started a blog! Very Nice so far, I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up!