Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Remember I told you about my sister's wedding. Well, here is a picture of them right after the actually ceremony. That is my brother's head in the foreground. Right as I snapped this, he bent down---brothers! (they never change) It really was a great day.

I have almost finished the front of the kimono and will post pictures of it soon. In the meantime, I am busy rehearsing a show which opens next week. In my first post, I mentioned that I am a sometime actress. I actually majored in theater in college and have the privilege of directing at the local high school for the past ten years. I always manage to perform at least once or twice a year depending on the role. Lately, I have been devoting alot of my performing to one particular theater group: The Dignity Players. The creative director of this troupe is commited to producing theater with a message; more often than not a message regarding social justice and peace. The production values are excellent and he always manages to attract the most incredibly talented perfomers and artists to work with him. Right now, I am rehearsing a show called: "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn. It is very interesting and involves the race to build the atomic bomb. Specifically it deals with the troubled discussion that took place in 1941 between Niels Bohr and Werner Hesienberg regarding the bomb. If you are in Annapolis, go check it out.

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Rachel said...

Ooh, Copenhagen is an ambitious show -- and one of my favorites. Good luck!