Thursday, August 17, 2006

Good morning--what a beautiful day it is. Ok, so now I have a blog. My sisters (I have 6) will all tease me about this. Of course, who is going to actually read this--who knows. Anyway, I know how much I have depended upon the good advice of those out there in the cyber world. So let's try this thing.

Things to know about me:
I am a gulp 43 old (double gulp) wife and mother.
I have four wonderful children (most of the time)
My oldest just went off to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis!
We also live in Annapolis which makes seeing her that much easier!
I love to knit
I love to buy yarn
I love to buy knitting books
I have more yarn than I will ever use
I keep buying it anyway
Whenever I travel, here or abroad, the first thing I google is yarn shops in the area
This was especially interesting in Germany where I had to act out knitting in order to get directions to where I could buy yarn.
I have a dog that I love named Vincent.
He really acts more like a cat than a dog, but he's my pound puppy and I love him
I have 6 sisters and three brothers
Yep, all from the same mom and dad who just celebrated 47 years together.
I am an actor and director in local theater.
I am in the process of rehearsing a show right now.
I am on stage the whole time and this upsets me because I have no time to knit backstage.
Hear that Julia Roberts, you are not the only knitting actress!!

I look forward to meeting other knitters out there and to talking with you all.

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