Monday, October 23, 2006

A wonderful day to be outside!Navy Lacrosse! This is how I spent my Saturday--a beautiful fall day, crisp air, blue sky and gorgeous trees. The Navy women's lacrosse team played in the George Mason tournament. They played other Division I teams from the whole country...oh, and the England National team was there as well. They seemed much older, almost professional. What I loved most about them was that when they scored they would shout things like: (in a very proper English accent)
"Well played Lizzie" or "Good on you Jenny" It was all so genteel.

Here is Mary with two of her high school buddies. The one on the left plays for Georgetown now and the one on the right plays for Hofstra. I think we knew someone from almost every team there. It was like old home week. Also quite a tribute to the St. Mary's High School lacrosse program to have girls at all these top schools.
Here she is with her friend Sara (left) who is the goalie at William & Mary and Christian (right) who goes to Loyola. They all looked wonderful and said that they are adjusting well to school. I sure don't remember looking as good as these girls looked--I think the "freshman 15" is a thing of the past. Of course, most of the kids I know are all athletic and so they are definitely keeping in shape in school, so no matter how badly they are eating, they will never show the weight. Ah, what I wouldn't give for that metabolism now!

Here is Delia and Mickey (12 and 10 respectively). Delia loves to go to these things. She simply adores her older sister and also loves the sport of lacrosse. She brought her stick and practiced in between games. Mickey just wants to play catch with the football, morning, noon and night. After Dane had played with him for a while, I noticed that he found another dad to play catch with, and so on throughout the day. It reminded me of that scene in the movie "Spanglish" when the housekeeper is about to throw the ball for the dog, and the mother screams at her to STOP--because she says it will never stop....the dog will never stop bringing the ball back and back and back. I felt that I should warn people about Mickey's penchant for playing catch...and if you start, you're pretty much hooked for a while. All the wonderful men who played with him were happy to do so and I think it made Mickey's day.

Here is Dane with Mary and Mickey. Do you love the glasses on my husband?! I am not kidding you when I tell you that they are 20 years old! He told me that they would come back in style in one day.

Ah--the end of the day...rolling the cooler back to the car...carrying the chair. He is not as surly as the picture appears...I just told him to turn around really fast and I snapped the picture. It says it all. I think he was probably tired of being the "sherpa" of the day. But he does it all with charm!
Not much knitting this weekend. Although I started the Pomatomus sock from Knitty. Pretty complicated pattern, but am going to post tomorrow of the work in progress. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Jane, a Monday Morn Knitter said...

Love the lax update and pics too!! Can't imagine your not knitting while pacing on the sidelines . . . a friendly Madame DeFarge?