Monday, October 09, 2006

From left to right, its Susan, Jenny, Gundel and Jane. Dorothy was not there--claims she was busy but I don't believe her--she probably was sick of me teasing her about ripping out her sweater again! We missed you Dorothy! The lady standing and holding the sock is my knitting guru, Gundel. She was the one who took me under her wing when I announced several years ago that I was going to learn to knit socks. She invited me over on Monday morning and VIOLA, a knitting group was formed, although she keeps insisting on calling it "sewing" because she had a similar group a long time ago when her babies were small. I cannot tell you how much these women mean to me. They have shared all the crazy moments of my life--the sad moments, the happy moments and everything in between. In addition to that, I have learned some of my greatest lessons from them--and not just knitting either!
This is Susan. Here is her beautiful afghan. She is (knitters look away) crocheting this--it is beautiful. She is also involved with the prayer shawl ministry which is a beautiful expression of love. She is smart, talented and gracious!

Here is Gundel and Jane. Jane is our "seasonal" group member as during the summer months she moves up to Nantucket and lives there and knits with all those New Englanders. Sounds pretty nice! Her husband is also a graduate of the Naval Academy and so I already have a bond with her because of that. She is a wonderful knitter and very much eager to do wonderful new things. Here Gundel is helping her with her project.
Here is Jenny. She does all sorts of hand work, but I think I can safely say that crocheting is her true medium. Her work is absolutely amazing. She can do things that would make Lily Chin cry--and she does it all in such a quiet humble way. Jenny is also our resident bibliophile. Ask about a book, and odds are that she has either read it or knows about it.

She is from North Carolina and despite having lived here for most of her life, her North Carolina accent remains strong and proud.
She has helped me get through many a crochet pattern and is always so patient with me about explaining everything from what the heck a half treble stitch is to how to do a basic chain.
Here is the baby sweater--all I have to do is add the sleeves. It is all knit in one piece. I have added the contrasting stripe. The color in the photo is awful. The accent color is a beautiful shade of purple, not as it looks in the photo, blue. I will photograph it outside where the contrast is better. I am using Berrocco's Cotton Twist...and yes it does split a bit, but I am trying to be careful when I knit so as to keep that to a minimum. I am using a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern--the top down baby sweater. Its for little Shannon!


Amy said...

Hi its Amy! You commented on my blog, so I thought I would visit.Do you have a pic of your socks you are doing?
I love seeing your knitting buddies.I need to post a pic of my group.........Talk to you later, Amy

g-girl said...

the sweater for your niece is coming along nicely. :)

Mama Bear said...

Great blog and what a lovely group of ladies you have described.

Mama Bear

barbp said...

Your knitting group certainly sounds like a special group of friends. How blessed you are. Lots of talent you all have.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely group you all are.

It's always nice to share this passion for crafting!