Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ok, so I turned the heel!! Yippee, yee-haw. I am pretty excited about it really. Its the little things you know. I was up late last night--are some people just natural night-owls? I would love it if I could go to bed earlier and wake up chipper; but alas, that does not happen. I inevitably stay up way to late, still get up early (someone has to force the kids to eat breakfast!) and then hit the wall around 2pm--what's a girl gotta do?

I love the heel flap of this pattern. Its a twisted seed stitch (is that really a stitch?) But its cool.
Also, check out this issue of Knitty. I loved the article about the double knitted socks. Its great. The author and inventor of the idea is going to come out with more tips--yeah--for those of us a bit slow on the uptake...can't wait.

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barbp said...

Your P sock is looking great!! Y'know I have the same problem about staying up late and getting up early I also work about 10 hour days sometimes 12 so I hear the 2:00pm hitting the wall thing. Coffee, copious amounts of coffee. Must. Have. It. LOL
Darn but I couldn't get your link to Knitty to work for me.