Saturday, January 27, 2007

The infamous Pomatomus SOCK! I had to frog it several times but here it is and I am going quickly now. I allowed myself a few "liberties" with the pattern. After all, a pattern is only a guide right....creativity is the key---or maybe for me its just plain laziness....who knows. All I know is that this looks really cool. Seriously, the knit throught the back loop gives it that twisty look and I love this sock yarn. I purchased this in Germany almost two years ago! The colors are pretty cool and vibrant...just the kind of thing I like peeking out from under my cuff. Here is quick birthday gift I am knitting for our friend, Caitlin. She is pictured with my daughter Mary at Christmas with their matching hats. Her 18th birthday was yesterday so the party is tomorrow...I can finish, I know I can. The yarn is gorgeous.....
Silk and wool. It feels like a dream and worth every penny it costs. Of course the pattern calls for 75 yards and the yardage of the skein is.....yep, only 72 yards. So, I had to buy TWO skiens. I am already thinking wrist warmers for myself with the extra. It is gorgeous I tell ya.
Just got an important email from fellow USNA mom. Check out this link The Ships Project for knitting for our troops. I know that I will be bringing this idea to BOTH of my knitting circles. Thank you so much Elaine for sending this along. Also, if you are ever in the area...please call...let's get together and knit awhile!

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barbp said...

Kathleen your P sock looks wonderful! Great job. Off to check out the Ship thing.