Tuesday, January 23, 2007

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN INEXPERIENCED SKIIER MEETS CANADA... Yep, here is my 17 year old son, just back from beautiful Mont Tremblant Canada.
On his very first run, on his very first day....this is what happened.... Can you see the bone splits on the left side of the X-ray. Can you see the way the bone appears to be protruding outward. That is his left tibia and fibula done near the ankle. Apparently, the bone actually "bent" before it broke. The good news is that it is not in his ankle joint and he will not require surgery. Whew. However, he is off of it for about 10 weeks. He will most probably have physical therapy when he's done. The cast is actually removable but the doctor "strongly cautioned" John about taking it off ONLY for bathing. He is resting comfortably--of course it doesn't help that he has a cold on top of everything else.

All I have to do is knit him a little "toe cozy" for the left foot.

A picture of my lovely ladies who took me out to dinner for my birthday. There's Cathy, me, and Patricia. Sadly, Sherie couldn't make it--but she was missed and we left an empty seat for her. I picked up the pomatomus sock again and am almost finished one...I will post that picture tomorrow. In the meantime, I am busy knitting my Debbie Bliss ruffled sweater. I wish that she included schematics and measurements in her instructions...that way I know I am right on the money in terms of length, etc. I should surf the net, see if any are out there.

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barbp said...

Oh the poor thing. It's such a fun sport it's too bad he had such rotten luck. So lucky that he won't need surgery - is the orthopedist allowing him to work on flexing the ankle so the muscles don't atrophy? What a blessing that it wasn't worse.

Looks like you had fun with your ladies. Can't wait to see your Pomatomus sock and the ruffled sweater!