Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas is coming...check out these vintage cardboard houses I found while "antiquing" on the Eastern shore of Maryland. I went to several antique stores and eventually found these at a Salvation Army thrift shop for.....$1.oo apiece. Isn't that great---I love when I can find a deal like this. They were all spread out in the store so I had to go through a lot of, what I shall call, "stuff" to get to these treasures. Last year in Martha Stewart Living, she had an entire article devoted to these heirlooms. I am so happy they have found a home with me and I think they look beautiful on my mantle. Calling on all green thumbs...here is my fern brought in from its home on the screened porch to my living room--so we have gas forced air heat..and that means..yep, you guessed, very dry air. I have set up a humidifier near the plant and am hoping that this will help. I REALLY want it to survive the winter. Its so BIG--does anyone have any advice about what to do?

Just finished our Fall Production this past weekend. My son was in the show and gave out awards which were pretty funny. This was his first high school show and I think he really like it, even with his mom being the Director.

He was hilarious!
I guess I should get my ducks in a row here. So, I have been planning some Christmas knitting. Not a ton this year. So I have these Star hats for my daughter and her friend. They "disapproved" of the colors I picked out (a beautiful eggplant color with deep green accent) and instead picked these colors. Its all about them, right! Then there is the baby hat I have been "commissioned" to make for a friend's new grandchild. They call this baby the "bean" and so I will adapt this pattern for the little one...will post as that comes along.

And lastly there is the Mason Dixon Knit-a-long which I joined. Its all dishcloths and so much fun...just perfect for those with attention disorders....in the meantime, I am just letting my fingers do the walking with Christmas shopping, clicking away at the computer. However, I was just outbid on the Nintendo Wii system for my kids...yikes. Gotta go get that thing....HELP!

Hope all is well with everyone. Please keep Ben's family in your thoughts and prayers. As well as praying for all those who are in harms way.


barbp said...

Those are beautiful keepsakes you found. Sounds like your son had lots of fun.

Happy knitting.

barbp said...

Oh btw, the only advice on the fern I can give you is to keep it away from me.

I have silk flowers in my house. LOL

Kayleen Knits said...

Hi, I'm having to leave a comment here because I didn't have an e-mail address for you. You asked about what part I'm playing in Urinetown. I'm playing Josephine Strong. What are you playing in Six Degrees of Separation? I'll admit, I don't know that play. When does it go up?

Houston, TX