Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So sorry, its been over a week. I have been busy, as I assume you all are with Christmas and all the attending festivities. I just LOVE this time of year...really I do! I spent all weekend at the Springhill CFD Designer Show House. I was the docent at the main door. The house was just beautiful and the room were incredible. I came home with alot of ideas and started re-arranging furniture right then and there. Of course, my house still doesn't look like a designer walked in and decorated, but it looks a little fresher.

Saturday night was the Annapolis Parade of Lights. This is for all those boaters to decorate their boats and coast around City Dock. We were at my friend's house which is right downtown and we had a perfect view of everything. Of course, like a idiot, I did not take my camera (still a newbie at this blog stuff--you gotta carry that camera EVERYWHERE!) I know someone who did, so here are some pictures of that. Check out her web page:

In the meantime, I have been knitting.....Christmas knitting that is a hat being blocked. I am making two of these for my daughter and her best friend. The star will be appliqued to the front of the hat. The other hat will have a yellow stripe with the orange star. These knit up fast and the pattern is it from Knitting Central in Connecticut. I had trouble with one spot and called the shop. The nice lady walked me through that's customer service.

Will post later...going to give blood. Give if you can.......they really need it.

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barbp said...

Your wreath is beautiful and your hat is going to be sooo nice when done. The girls should love it.

A designer. Sigh.