Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas was here! The children were all snuggled in their beds, and then Santa came! No toys to put together this year...just lots of "stuff". The kids get bigger and the presents get smaller; Ipods, Nintendo Wii, Wii games, DVD's, CD's and the like. They take up alot less room than the toys, but boy are they more expensive. Here is my mom at our annual Christmas Eve dinner. My whole family was here as well as my wonderful mother in law in from Albuquerque New Mexico. The menu consisted of Southern stuffed ham, potatoes, roast beef, jello salad (you gotta have it, you know), my famous ceaser salad and of course, cookies.

Here is some of the gang out on the back porch. There is Ted (married to sister Erin), sister in law Kim, Dane the spouse, Brant (married to sister Megan), Chris my brother (Kim's husband) and family friend, Brian. This represents just a small portion of who was there, and we all had a wonderful time with each other.
More pictures computer takes forever to upload. Merry Christmas to all my friends!

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barbp said...

What a beautiful tree and family. Lots of gifts too!! Your menu sounds very tasty.

I'm commenting from South Bend IN, Steve's been asked to broadcast a couple of Notre Dame hockey games while their usual broadcaster is recuperating from a procedure. PSU is on a break until around Jan 12th I think. We'll be going home New Years Day.

Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas and I wish you and yours a healthy Happy New Years.