Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A much happier blog post today. Not that things have changed all that much...well, I guess we are now "hopeful". He (the spouse) came home Tuesday and said that after thinking about it, he realized how badly I had been feeling and that he would do ANYTHING to make the situation better. Even "change", I which he responded..."yep, even that". Of course saying it and doing it are two different things...but for now I'll take the stop gap measure and see where it leads. OK--so on to the CHRISTMAS BLOG!
Here is one of my Dept. 56 houses...its Ralphie's house from "A Christmas story". See the leg lamp in the window. I found these a couple of years ago and just love them. In addition to Ralphie's house I have the Cleveland School, Higbees and the Chop Suey Palace (you rememeber: "Its Smiling at me!")

Then there are the trees. The fiber optic tree in the bathroom which is kinda hypnotic if truth be told. Sometimes I just go in and stare at it. A definite sign that I am losing it.

Then there is the "official" tree which to me looks more like a bush. I do not go on this foray to get the tree--that is not the tradition in our family. I stay home, make dinner and get all the trimmings ready. I keep telling my family--tall and thin, guys, tall and thin. They always come back with short and fat, short and fat. Then there is the annual argument over the tree topper. I would like an angel or a star even...but NOOOO, every year the kids take down that beautiful angel and up goes the miniature Broncos helmet. There have actually been tears about this. You can see that I have artfully placed angels around the helmet, but somehow I still think the message has been skewed. Oh well, pick your battles that's what I say.

Then there is the feather tree that sits on top of the piano. This is another "find" and the ornaments were last year's after Christmas 80% off at our local Christmas store.
Then there is the trees that are around the mirror on the mantle. The golden one I got at a local thrift shop--for $1--gotta love it. The other is an oldie but a goodie, filled with those Natalie Silitch angels that I love. Speaking of Natalie Silitch, she did a thing at the White House for Laura Bush and 20 of her closest friends. They are unique and folk-arty and very festive. Yep, you guessed it...make up roses. I will be firm in my decision to re-negotiate my marriage contract, flowers or no...they are pretty though, aren't they. This is my desk with all my magazines and wishlists.


barbp said...

Oh my gosh so much to say. We already did the email so 'nuff said about that.

I "triple dog dare ya" the coup de gras of all dares to take down the Broncos helmet. What's the matter with the helmet? I understand we're starting to look pretty for a wild card. I'm sure your son knows that though. LOL

Your trees are all very beautiful but isn't it February? I have 10 months before Christmas don't I?

h! said...

what the hell is that girl eating?